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cGrate looks to tackle the current challenges by providing the following solutions:

Key features of the 543 ZRA payment solution

Generation of Payment Reference Numbers

This feature allows taxpayers to generate PRNs from the comfort of their own homes either by SMS or WhatsApp. For SMS, customers can send to 543 while on WhatsApp, customer will need to save +260 211 840008. The flow of the messages thereafter is the same for both SMS and WhatsApp. The flow will be as follows:

To view previously created PRNs that are still outstanding:

Below are screenshots of how the taxpayer interacts with the system to generate a PRN:

ZRA WhatsApp screenshots

Payment of Payment Reference Numbers

Payment of PRNs can be done through any 543 channel i.e. USSD, POS, Online, WhatsApp, SMS, and the other 543 mobile banking partners; Stanbic, Investrust, Indo Zambia, MFinance, FINCA and Standard Chartered. The service will work the same way any other voucher is sold at any 543 Konse Konse channel. Please see below for the process flows for the different channels.


When a taxpayer has generated a PRN, they can then present the PRN to a 543 merchant. The merchant will select Sell Voucher, ZRA, Enter Recipient/Reference, they will then need to enter the PRN provided by the taxpayer. They will then need to confirm the details of the taxpayer and advise them of the fee to be applied. A receipt will then be generated.


This follows a similar flow to that of the POS, the merchant will select option 1-Sell Voucher, the select the ZRA option, they will then be prompted to enter the reference (being the PRN provided by the taxpayer). They will then need to confirm the details of the taxpayer and advise them of the fee to be applied. Once the transaction is complete, the merchant will get a successful message.


Our online merchants are also able to process ZRA payments by going to Airtime and Bills, Sell Voucher and selecting ZRA. They will then select Voucher Type as Tax Payment and select voucher as Enter Recipient/Reference (which are all default options under ZRA). They are then prompted to enter the PRN number in the recipient box. They will then need to confirm the details of the taxpayer including declared amount and advise them of the fee to be applied. The merchant will then get a success notification once the transaction goes through.


The taxpayer is also able to directly interact with the system by paying for their PRN on WhatsApp or SMS. The flow is as below:


Mobile banking users on Investrust’s *427# are also able to pay for their taxes by going to the short code and selecting the following:

Transaction Fees

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